Aug 10

you’re my rainbow chasin’ excogitation

yeah, true blue when you look at me like that, for heaven’s sake

Rubber Brother Records Goes Round-Robin



Rubber Brother Records, a beloved independent record label based in Tempe, AZ, has built a reputation in the greater Phoenix area for putting out stellar alt-rock tunes that showcase the some of the Sonoran Desert’s best hidden gems. This summer has seen a slew of local shows from Rubber Brother to celebrate album releases, kick off tours, and give Phoenix punks a place to escape from the triple-digit heat for a few hours.

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Jul 27


Myxomatosis trials - 1938


Myxomatosis trials - 1938

Boss Frog // Pro Teens, by Boss Frog // Pro Teens -


Check out this double release ep from two of my favorite bands in the local tempe scene!

Jun 19


Jun 01

Feb 10

“It scares me to death I might outlive you all
All those eulogies, all the funeral costs
All jokes aside, I simply can’t bear the thought” — tim kasher- truly freaking out. 

“I wonder
who’s arms would I run and fall into
if I were drunk
in a room with everyone
I have ever loved” — (via kenzel)

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Feb 06


untitled on Flickr.


untitled on Flickr.

Feb 01

he’s just really not somebody you miss less as time goes by.